I want to write some thoughts about the flooding we’ve experienced in UK this week. There has been tragic loss and heartache for people whose homes have been flooded or even partly washed away. These people’s lives will not be the same.

In many ways, this is what it is like for those in the process of working through childhood trauma and abuse. For some of us (not for everyone of course,) accepting ugly truths about some of those close to us, truths which have, perhaps, been buried or denied for years, can be like having the very foundation of our lives shaken, even to the point of collapse.

Just as the victims of the flooding are having to clear up the mess and rebuild their lives, so do trauma survivors. And it is no surprise that there will be deep grief, anger and fear which needs to be worked through. I also know that new ‘homes’/lives can be built which are beautiful and lasting.

In my own rebuilding process I discovered I could not go it alone. I have needed support, not just from a good therapist, but from faithful friends. I’m grateful for those who have been able to come alongside me in this way. I’ve also learnt, painfully, that not everyone can be that sort of friend, and that’s ok!

Most of all, I know that God’s love has been the secure foundation of my life. When other foundations have crumbled, God’s love has remained. This is the foundation which survives every season and every storm. This love – this one who is Love, has been my comforter, counsellor, companion and my strength when I had none. This Love has held me, kept me, brought me through the darkness and the chaos and the shame. This Love never left me and never will. And I know that however much or little of your life needs rebuilding and whatever stage you are in that process, this Love is here for you too.

(Photo by Chris Gallagher, Unsplash.)