You may be wondering what the future holds and where your place is in it.
You were created for a purpose and this purpose has been embedded in you since you were born. Your purpose flows from who you are. It is expressed through your core passions and core values, your dreams, your personality, the things you are naturally gifted at, and the things that make you feel happy, resonant, and “alive.”

Discovering your purpose liberates you to do what you’re wired for (and not what is imposed on or expected of you by others.) It brings satisfaction, energy, passion, excitement and fulfilment. If you don’t feel these things about what you do, then you probably haven’t discovered your true purpose yet!
Knowing your purpose will focus you and enable you to direct your investment wisely and meaningfully. It will set you free from needing to compare yourself with other people or compare your accomplishments with theirs. Living your purpose will mean your “doing” will be flowing from your “being” and will fit you perfectly. Your “who”, “why”, “how”, “what” and, by looking at seasons and timings, your “when”, will all begin to align to produce an unforced ease. This will enable you to live truly successfully, in whatever success means for you. You will be released to make your greatest impact in the world. You will be empowered to truly live!
Through my coaching, I will help you step more fully into this true identity and purpose.  You will see how important puzzle pieces of your life fit together, recognise the season of life you are in and determine what is next for you. Together, we will also uncover the limiting beliefs and the obstacles that have held you back and discover how to overcome these to get unstuck and to move forwards. Unfulfilled or forgotten dreams can at last be unlocked and realised!
We will also look at life messages, so you find can find your voice – because your voice matters!
All of us carry a “life message” (or messages) which have been formed through our unique life experiences. Events in our lives, both good and bad, become part of our story and play a part in molding who we become. The messages our lives display can bring hope and inspiration to others if we let them.
Your life journey is unique, as is the message you carry, and is often most applicable to a particular audience. Others are waiting to hear the message you carry and in the way that only you can bring it. This is true however big or small or even “in process” and incomplete you feel that message is. You don’t need to be an expert or have all the answers (what a relief!) Being real is more important than being perfect! What you have to share will encourage and inspire others on their journey, whatever stage of your own journey you are at.
Here are some things my life message coaching will explore:
  • What have been some life-shaping events for you?
  • What difficulties have you overcome?
  • What positive things in life have you experienced?
  • What have you learnt through these?
  • What was the wisdom you gained?
  • How did other people or God show up for you?
  • How was your life impacted?
  • What do you feel strongly about that you want others to know?
  • What legacy would you like to leave behind?
  • What is the message you carry about life and what is possible?
I offer 12, weekly or fortnightly, 50 minute sessions of one-on-one coaching via video call, to help you discover and be empowered to live out your life purpose. I also offer shorter, 9, 6 or 4 – session programmes. This includes one to look specifically at your life messages, who these are most impactful for and how you will best convey them. These programmes will be tailor-made to suit your needs and your stage of life journey.
Now is the time for you to unlock your potential!