I posted before about ‘floods’ and our foundations. Here is a different image covering a similar theme.

I found, in my own journey of recovery from childhood trauma, that the picture I had of my childhood turned out to be very different from the real picture. The image I had was much like a simple, colourful child’s painting portraying ‘all is well.’ This was a surface painting which began to be washed away, exposing a much darker picture underneath, one which I had wanted to avoid seeing.

As I have invited God into my healing process and worked alongside him in it, I have seen the underlying picture develop a beauty, richness, depth and detail which the ‘cover over’ painting lacked. It is a masterpiece!

It is challenging (to say the least!) to face some things in our lives which appear so ‘dark.’ But in facing them and, especially as we allow God in, healing can come and the result is beautiful. It expresses a depth and richness of knowledge, understanding, wisdom and empathy which comes no other way.

(Cover photo: Steve Johnson, via Unsplash)