What is Your Sound?

I want to tell you a little about resonance. I do not claim to be a physicist, but I do know that everything in creation has its own ‘resonant frequency’, its natural, unforced resonance, its ‘favourite’ resonance, at which it operates best. I also understand that when an object is vibrating at the resonant frequency of a second object, the second object is set into vibrational motion – as with a musical instrument. If the frequencies of the two objects are the same, they will sound out together and can be heard. If the frequencies of vibrations are not identical, the sound may not be heard at all.

What is the relevance of this? Each of us has been designed to express a unique sound, different from the sound of any other person. It’s our ‘resonant frequency’, our natural, unforced resonance at which we operate best. As we learn to align with the frequency that matches our own, then we begin to sound out, naturally, and with the greatest ‘volume’ or influence.

If you want to learn how to tune in to your own resonance, how to align your life for greatest influence and begin to flow in your God-given purpose, then I would love to help you. Your unique sound is waiting to be heard.

(Image courtesy of Bruce Mars, Unsplash.)