“Jenny is an excellent life coach. I have had some wonderful sessions with her, getting insights in to areas that have been holding me back and giving me keys for moving forwards.”   Julie Groves


“Jenny’s powerful questions brought me to tears (the good kind!) as she condensed my life’s motivations into 2 simple statements. This was a brand new revelation and helped me understand myself better.” Ben Morris


“My favourite parts were seeing all the pattern and thread emerging and forming together from a lot of scattered and seeming lost, or never discovered things about my identity and calling. This has been comforting, glorious, life-saving and joy-giving.”  Sally Stephenson


“I found the whole course exceptional and Jenny’s leading sensitive and caring.” Nicky King


“Jenny’s gentle but firm encouragement has helped me to reassess my life, to look again at the dreams which are as yet unfulfilled.
She is a very insightful person, with a great deal of experience in helping people find their true destiny.” Angela Hough


“Jenny took (me) through some teaching but also a number of different exercises which were amazingly powerful and reached deep into many hidden areas in the simplest but most profound way.”    N.K.


“I can only describe the journey I have been on with Jenny as life changing!
In December I was feeling pretty desperate,
very stuck, and full of self doubt. Jenny’s support, sensitivity to Holy Spirit and her wisdom have helped me get in touch with my authentic self, experience joy again and pursue God given dreams that have been hidden for too many years. I am so grateful for the way Jenny has led me through this process and helped me to encounter God along the way. This has been a resurrection experience for me – a bit like being born again 🙌🏻 Thank you Jenny 🧡. ” Jayne


“I loved having coaching with you and looked forward to it each time- I really have gained so much clarity and motivation to do all that God has put on my heart to do- thank you very much for your time, wisdom and expertise!”  Maria


“The main reason for pursuing coaching was that I resonated with your story on your Facebook coaching business page and felt you might be able to help me get ‘unstuck’, find purpose and vision for my life. 

Having had a turbulent and abusive upbringing and childhood I feel as though there were many lies and blocks to fully knowing my identity much less knowing what the true desires and purposes of my heart were. 

The key things I’ve learnt on my coaching journey are that the desires of my heart and the things that I’d love to do in life have always been connected to my identity and through having coaching with Jenny, they have been highlighted and brought out to the surface. Being able to call them out of me with Jenny’s help has been so validating, enlightening and encouraging.  

The thing that has changed for me now is having a stronger sense of what I love, knowing that God is for me and has amazing things for me. I’m aware now of what makes me come alive in a way that before coaching I didn’t know how to find out.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the coaching. Really grateful to God and Jenny as was a very special time and you were very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 

I would recommend to friends absolutely and I definitely will. 

Thanks so much Jenny.”   A.


“I’ve learnt what I’m truly passionate about and my priorities. Jenny is fabulous.”  Ellamai


“I got back in touch with my authentic self and learned more about who I am and what is important to me. Exploring my values helped me to understand the importance of being true to myself and being the person God made me to be. I have found the courage to dream again and believe that God can do more with and through than I had dared to believe. 

I have found joy within this journey of discovery. The activations, combined with Jenny’s wisdom and sensitivity have sparked a sense of freedom to live life more fully.                                                                                

I have new vision and purpose. There has been a resurrection of hidden dreams I hadn’t allowed myself to dream. I had never given myself permission to be an artist. Now I am setting up a new business selling my art and offering workshops that I hope will encourage others to rediscover the wellspring of life and creativity present within them. 

This has been lifechanging for me. I have a new sense of purpose and have found the courage to pursue God given dreams.

I am hugely grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time to reflect on my life. I have valued Jenny’s love, care  and support on this journey – thank you.” Jayne


“When I think of Jenny the words that come to mind are light and joy! As a coach, Jenny illuminates what is hidden and transforms it into a diamond, all with great gentleness! I got to know Jenny through coaching meetings. Her professionalism and her kindness towards everyone are assets for the coaching she offers. Being coached by Jenny is the assurance to move forward and succeed.”   Magali


“Jenny is one of the most intuitive astute emotionally intelligent Life Coaches I have come across: 1-2-1 digitally and in person. Consistently able to ask the relevant questions to open up the stand out issues in a client. Those which are often the most difficult to work on….. yet Jenny provides a safe space, integrity, skill with joy and fun as amiable backdrop. If you, as a woman, are looking for a trusted professional Coach, Jenny is first class and will serve you well. Well worth an initial chat/enquiry-Go for it‼️” Tony Hodges



“The key things I learnt were that I am more ready than I thought, and why I failed to move forward in the past.  I have learnt how having a deeper revelation of God’s love and favour and co-partnering with Him changes everything.”  Funmi Adewole


Great adaptable coaching. I have been seeing Jenny for coaching for a number of years now and have loved the fact that she works with where I am at each time we meet.” Sarah.


“Brilliant Coach. I have now had over 10 sessions of coaching with Jenny and I can honestly say she is an excellent coach. She is very caring and a good listener and will ask all the right sort of questions to help you move forward. I have also had the privilege of attending her activation courses. With her coaching I have better understood what really makes me tick and excites me in life and I have been able to jump over chicken lines and do things which I might not have, due to lack of courage. She could easily charge more for the service she provides.”
Steve H.


“It’s been a joy having coaching with Jenny. She has a unique coaching style that made it a joy working with her. I found the sessions extremely valuable and life changing and would highly recommend her to anyone. Her care and encouragement inspired me to keep pressing forward, and the insights she had enabled me to see how to get over obstacles and hurdles.” Julie G.


”Jenny’s coaching sessions were excellent. With great empathy, care and such a kind approach, she helped me overcome the feeling of being stuck. She helped me become aware of my identity more fully and the things in life that give me joy and a sense of purpose to the point where I could move forward with confidence.” A.H


“I have seen a big picture/vision for my life. A dream which I considered to be a free time activity is a priority as it is connected to my calling.”  Katarina Majirska


“The key things I learnt were how much I need to bring planning and accountability into my goals. God has been good but I need to be more intentional. I loved the encounter parts, writing the letter to myself helped me visualise and put into focus the short term goals. Also, it’s a journey and it’s ok to adjust things to get them in the right place instead of sticking with first thoughts. It’s a voyage of discovery. I used to get stuck in the big picture, now I can see how to translate that in micro planning. I loved the combination of God encounter and very practical, intentional planning.”  Lorraine


“Very very good! Very inspiring and helpful – pitched just right, accessible but stretching.” Rachel Hussein


“Jenny was very compassionate but also focussed on getting me to reach my goal” Helen Everett


“Some of the encounter exercises were profound ….  I came seeking the future and got unexpected results.”  Grace Tucker


“I have been meeting up with Jenny for a number of years and I love the fact that she has got to understand me and to adjust things for how I am at any given time. She has supported me through some tough years”  SR


“The deepest revelation for me has been realising what is really important to me and not giving up on those things…I really liked Jenny’s style, warmth, sensitivity.”   Merle Peacock


“This workshop has given me the ability to evaluate my goals and appreciate my experience as a ‘springboard’ for the future….Jenny was fabulous and delivered the course at a good, energetic pace.”  Sharon Adam


‘I just want to say a huge thank you for your coaching yesterday. I found it extremely helpful. I had felt a bit like a ship tossed at sea but the encounter I had with Holy Spirit brought me back to what was important. I feel rooted again and tethered to what really matters. You’re amazing. ‘ Paige


“Jenny helped me to get clarity and move forward in a new part of my life” Helen


“My favourite part was remembering how intention is not the same as doing. If I do nothing, nothing will change. I feel empowered.”


“This was life-changing. Jenny delivers very very well.” Tony Hodges


“Jenny is an excellent communicator”  Keren Tolhurst


“Jenny was a brilliant tutor/facilitator”  Fiona Gilpin


“I really appreciated Jenny sharing her experience and her own examples” Janet Abbott 


“Thanks for your unwavering support” J.L.