Experience the peace and joy of loving yourself.
Are you being beaten down by low self-worth?
Are you plagued by negative thoughts, feelings or memories?
Do you feel constant nagging doubt, anger or insecurity?
Do you battle anxiety or worry?
Is this affecting your health?
Do you feel stuck in cycles of failure?
Do you feel lost? Directionless?
Do you wonder ‘who really am I anyway?’
Is the inner you crying out to be heard?
Are you ready to do something about it?
Imagine if you woke up every morning feeling joyful, hopeful and looking forward to the day ahead
Imagine if you were completely free from the negative effects of past experiences
Imagine seeing the anxiety and negativity melt away from you
Imagine if every day you felt free to be yourself
All of this is possible, and more! Whatever has happened for me can happen for you too.
For much of my life I struggled with extremely poor self-image. I didn’t like taking on new challenges because I constantly felt inadequate and thought I would fail. I lacked confidence to speak up or express myself. I didn’t feel I had anything of value to offer. Even with the little I did contribute I often felt ignored or over-ridden by others more confident and outspoken than I was. I often used to just ‘agree’ with people (even when I didn’t really agree) because I didn’t want to seem ‘different.’ The real ‘me’ was hidden behind a mask of what I thought was acceptable to other people, afraid of being rejected. I felt squashed and a ‘nobody.’
But that has changed. Over recent years I have been on a life-transforming spiritual journey, connecting with a Higher Power and engaging with my own heart and inner self. I have been able to remove the roots of my negative self-belief at their source, change my negative self-talk and see myself in a whole new way. I have come to realise I am unique and valuable and that my life has significance in the universe. I have discovered potential and creativity within me that I didn’t know was there. I have come to love and be at peace with myself, happy and confident being ‘me’.
Now it is my great privilege to come alongside other individuals, offer wisdom and experience and empower each one along their own journey to freedom.
‘Finding the Freedom to Fully Live’ is a coaching programme like no other. It offers a unique combination of coaching, psychotherapeutic techniques, creative visualisations and spiritual encounters. It will bring lasting healing to you at the heart level, transforming your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and setting you free to be your true, best self.
If you want to:
break free from past fears, negativity and failure;
discover your true worth;
find inner peace and joy, regardless of circumstances;
realise your significance and potential;
gain new confidence to face the world and all its challenges;
truly love your life, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet;
then this programme is for you.
This is not for you, however, if you are not in a place to invest in yourself.
During ‘Finding the Freedom to Fully live’ I offer 12, weekly, 50 minute sessions of one-on-one coaching via video call. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I also send you teaching materials and exercises to prepare you for, assist and reinforce the coaching. You have lifetime access to this material.
I understand that every person is unique and has their own personal story and background. I’ll meet you where you are and take time to get to know you, so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you. We will explore together who you are truly created to be and what holds you back from living in the fullness of your potential.
We look at topics such as rejection, inner vows, forgiveness, sowing and reaping, identity. Most importantly, I create a safe place for you to connect deeply with your own heart and with God, your Creator’s heart for you. We will uproot negative and limiting beliefs at their source, so you can find inner healing and lasting freedom to become your true, unique and powerful self.
This truly transformational programme is for everybody, regardless of your starting place or story. It is a priceless opportunity to find the freedom to fully live!