What are your expectations?

The way we think and speak about ourselves is important, but so is the way we think and speak about others.

Expectations are powerful and words are powerful. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to draw out the best in you and others seem to draw out the worst? I remember that for several years after leaving home, whenever I went to stay with my parents I seemed to almost inevitably revert to some childlike behaviours. There were various reasons for this I believe, but in part, it had to do with my and their expectations. In their mind I was still a child and so I seemed to fulfil those expectations! Whatever we focus on we empower.

The same goes for our expectations of others. Our recollections of a person will influence how we view them now (even if they have changed) and, surprisingly perhaps, it may even influence them to behave accordingly!
Quantum physics supports this! Scientists have shown something they call the ‘observer effect.’ That is, they noticed that electrons/matter behaves in the way that the person observing it expects it to behave. When one person observing electrons expected them to spin clockwise, they did. A different observer expected them to spin anticlockwise, and they did! This has been repeated over and again.

Our bodies are made of cells, made up of molecules, made up of atoms containing electrons. So the way we view people can influence their behaviour. This is even more powerful when we speak out those things we believe.
So, why not speak out loud the good things you have recognised in yourself (and don’t reinforce the negative things by keeping speaking those.) Also, why not start looking for and speaking out the good things you see in others and empower them to be the best self they can be. I’ll say more about this in another post.