What are you focussing on?

Whatever we focus on we empower. The way we think and speak about ourselves determines who we become. If you repeatedly remind yourself of your mistakes and failures you will begin to see yourself as a failure and start to live and act accordingly.

If, instead, you choose to recognise and be thankful for all the positive qualities you have (perhaps even ask a good friend to remind you of them) then these will begin to grow and flourish even more. This doesn’t mean denying your weaknesses but it means determining not to let them define you.

Why don’t you make a list, for starters, of at least 10 things you like/love about yourself, things you’re good at, things you enjoy? (There will be many more than 10!) Even better, turn them in to ‘I am….’ statements. It’s not being arrogant to acknowledge the way you have been created and the gifts you have been given, even if you don’t feel you have perfected them yet! Give yourself permission to express these and offer them to the world.

Here’s some I wrote:
‘I am loved and I am loving, I am kind, I am gentle yet strong, I am faithful, I am patient, I am honest, I am persevering, I am wise, I am trustworthy, I am sensitive and intuitive, I am courageous, I am a child of God, I am free.’