What are you worth?

I heard an illustration about our value some years ago which stayed with me (I can’t remember who gave the illustration, possibly Joyce Meyer?) Here is my version of it:

Imagine the highest value note in your currency (£50, $100, 500 euros?) For this illustration let’s go with 500 euros as I think this is one of the highest value currency notes in the world. How much is it worth? A silly question of course…500 euros!

What if it got dropped or lost, how much would it be worth once found? 500 euros right?

What if it got dirty, trodden on, screwed up, even a bit torn in the meantime? How much would it be worth once found? Yes..still 500 euros!!

(I gave this illustration in a talk using a £50 note and was still able to take my scrunched up note afterwards and buy £50 worth of groceries with it.)

This is true for you too! No matter how you’ve been treated in your life, what you have done or what’s been done to you, NOTHING has diminished your intrinsic worth. Of course you are of far higher value than 500 euros! Your worth is priceless, immeasurable and even if you feel dirty, screwed up or torn, nothing has or will ever take away your true value.