Your Song

I was coaching someone earlier in the week who said he believed birds were singing when he was born. I asked him what, if it could be put into words, were they singing? It was a song of celebration.

I thought that was lovely, so I later asked the same question of myself – what was creation singing/saying/doing as I was born? (I want to add that my childhood experience from my parents was one of great rejection.) I had a sense of a joyful shout of ‘she’s here, she’s here, she’s arrived!’ It also reminded me of the film of 101 Dalmatians, for those who’ve seen it, in which there was a ‘dog telegraph’ spreading news!

I also sensed Father God’s excitement, an uncontained joy similar, perhaps, to the very best of father’s who calls his friends and announces to everyone that his daughter/son has arrived.

This is true for you too! Whatever you experienced as a child, however you feel about yourself or what you’ve made of your life, there was, and still is, a song of celebration over you. You are loved, wanted, valued, significant. Remember to join in this song!