What is Your Why?

What is your why?

You were created for a purpose and this purpose has been embedded in you since you were born. Your purpose flows from who you are. It is expressed through your core passions, your dreams, your personality, the things you are naturally gifted at and the things that make you feel happy, resonant and ‘alive.’

Discovering your purpose liberates you to do what you’re wired for (and not what is imposed on or expected of you by others.) It brings satisfaction, energy, passion, excitement and fulfilment. If you don’t feel these things about what you do then you probably haven’t discovered your true purpose yet!

Knowing your purpose will focus you and enable you to direct your investment wisely and meaningfully. It will set you free from needing to compare yourself with other people or compare your accomplishments with theirs.
Living your purpose will mean your ‘doing’ will be flowing from your ‘being’ and will fit you perfectly. It will enable you to live truly successfully, in whatever success means for you.