First Love Yourself?

I’ve heard it said many times that others can’t love you until you learn to love yourself (I may have even said it myself.) IT ISN’T TRUE! The way we learn to love ourselves is by others first loving us, showing us we matter and have value. It’s ok to need to be loved! We all have this need. If we weren’t shown love growing up this need can feel greater now we are grown up.

We love because God first loved us. We were created for love. We were loved before we did, or experienced, anything, good or bad. We are loved unconditionally, simply because…we are! Nothing can, or will, change that.

Love, though, becomes tangible when it is expressed through another human being. I am deeply grateful for friends who have expressed care and support to me even when I didn’t feel good about myself and didn’t feel deserving of it. This, now, is what I want to do for others because we are all worthy of love all of the time.