Hello! You’re probably wondering who I am, so here is a little about me.



I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 25 years, have an amazing son, 3 awesome daughters and also now a beautiful daughter-in-law. I love walks in the countryside, playing the flute and I have a definite taste for travel and adventure. I am privileged to live in the beautiful city of Bath, UK.


Perhaps what you are more interested in though is that I am a psychologically informed mindset and spiritual coach with a background in science and teaching (and in parenting!) I have over 20 years of experience of facilitating ‘inner healing’ to individuals who want to be free from the negative effects of past events and be more fully able to love themselves and become who they are created to be. A friend of mine coined the term ‘love living and live loving.’ That beautifully encapsulates the purpose of my coaching and what I help my clients to do.


I have not always loved my life or myself though! I struggled for many years with a very poor self-image, having experienced serious childhood abuse. I lacked confidence and self-worth, lived with a fear of rejection and simply fitted in to molds of others people’s expectations without any sense of true identity or purpose .


My life began to change in 1985 when I started a journey of spiritual encounter which has led to profound personal healing and transformation, along with realisation of my purpose and of great fulfilment in life. I now have the privilege of being able to come alongside others and help them on a similar journey and can do so with wisdom, empathy and faith.  


Through a unique combination of powerful coaching tools, psychotherapeutic techniques, creative visualisations and spiritual encounter I help individuals connect deeply with their own heart and with their Creator’s heart for them. This leads to profound transformation, bringing them freedom to be who they are created to be and do what they are designed to do.