Don’t Quit

Have you ever climbed a mountain and, despite the weariness and temptation to give up, made it to the peak? On the occasions I have (well…UK mountains, although I guess they’re not ‘real’ mountains at all!) the views, the beauty, the tranquility, the sense of achievement has been exhilarating and wonderful. The world looks different from there. I don’t think there is anything quite like it.

I know, too, that working through and walking out the consequences of trauma is, perhaps, one of the most challenging and difficult things anyone can do. It takes courage, determination and faith and can be a long, exhausting and lonely journey with plenty of potential pitfalls along the way. I also know that the beauty, the peace, joy and freedom of the destination is worth the difficulty of the road. It helps you see life differently – with greater depth, wisdom, compassion, understanding. I don’t think there is anything quite like it. Those who don’t walk it can never experience this.

Well done, courageous fellow travellers. Keep going. I believe in you, and you are not alone.