Wrong car!

Let me own up to this morning’s amusing incident. Early this morning my husband started to de-ice the car ready to leave. My daughter and I joined him scraping off ice and then trying to warm the lock because the key wouldn’t work and we thought the lock must be frozen. It was only when my daughter spotted the car seat in the back of the car that we realised it wasn’t our car at all, just one that looked similar parked outside our house! (Our car was parked just down the road.) Foolish and amusing, but hopefully we at least did a favour for the real car owner!

It did make me realise how easy it is for us to just believe and follow someone we trust, even when they are wrong, without stopping to think for ourselves! (Sorry Steve, it was an easy mistake to have made 🙃)

How often do we question beliefs we have grown up with (perhaps even political or religious ones?) Do we believe what is portrayed to us by media etc without stopping to ask whether it’s true or not? Do we allow ourselves to challenge the words or actions that have prompted us to think negatively about ourselves or others and instead realise that you and I are valuable, acceptable and powerful regardless of whether we conform to someone’s expectations or not?