It’s nearly 2021 and what a year 2020 has been!
I like, at the end of every year (and at other times!) to think about the good things which have taken place, including the challenging things from which good has (and can still) come, and the many things I am thankful for. (One of the most notable things for me this year has been how much more I have come to value relationships and how, contrary to what may be expected perhaps, some special friendships have deepened.)
I also take the opportunity, at the turn of the year (and at other times!) to review aspects of my life. I take time to consider what things (and possibly even people) it’s time to give less (or no) attention to, what remains fruitful that I need to continue with and what (or who) it’s time to devote more attention to.
This isn’t just about what I do though. It’s about prayerfully considering who I am becoming.
The following analogy came to me recently and may be helpful. Have you ever grown crystals? I used to work in a school science department and this was something we sometimes did. Crystal growing involves making a saturated solution of a substance and ‘seeding’ it with a small crystal of the same substance. A larger crystal of this substance will then begin to form and grow around the ‘seed’.
Using this analogy, the crystal we are growing can represent the person we are becoming, or want to become, and the ‘seed is the aspect of ourselves which is already like this. It’s important, then, to surround ourselves with the right ‘solution’ or environment so that the ‘crystal’ can grow. What will we give ourselves to? Important in this is the way we think, see and speak about ourselves. We become like what we focus on.
One of the things I do in this respect, and encourage my clients to do, is imagine being the person you believe you are to become (prayerfully for those who have this worldview.) What does it feel like being this person? What are they/you believing about themselves and others? How does this person perceive things and act? Etc. Then begin to step into this role until you truly become it.
Have a great 2021!
(photo courtesy of Unsplash)