I’ve been thinking recently about the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly and the remarkable process which takes place inside the cocoon. During that time of seclusion and apparent inactivity, the caterpillar does not just lose it’s legs and grow wings! Instead, all the structure of the caterpillar breaks down. It becomes something like a formless ‘soup’ before the butterfly takes shape and is ultimately released. The new is unlike the old – it is airborne, nectar-feeding and reproductive – metamorphosis has taken place.

This speaks to me of what’s been taking place during this extraordinary time of lockdown(s) the world is still in. Like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis, old structures and forms, including ways we’ve always done things, are being removed. We can feel the loss, the isolation, the anxiety and, perhaps, a sense of meaninglessness (not sure if that’s a word?!) However, this is an opportunity, possibly unlike any other, to bring positive transformation, beginning in our own lives.

The ‘purpose,’ in a sense, of a caterpillar, is to become a butterfly, which is it’s mature, ‘free’, identity. The cocoon season allows this to happen. So, too, for you and I individually! It’s an opportune time to re-evaluate many things, including ways of thinking, priorities, ways of doing things – and discover what is truly valuable and meaningful for you. It’s a chance to connect with your true identity and purpose, to find understanding of who you are and what you are created for. This is what will fulfil you, liberate you and cause you to fly.

So, if you would like to make the most of this opportunity and find personal hope, meaning, value and fulfilment, I would love to chat to you about it.

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