New Year

It’s nearly 2020 already! I find that, once busy Christmas is over, December is a great opportunity to review the past year and to prayerfully set some goals for the new year. You may find the following outline suggestions helpful.

Look back with gratitude over the last year and write a list of all the things – events, people, provision, achievements etc – which you are thankful for in all the different aspects of your life. You can keep going back and adding to the list as more things come to mind. Even in a difficult year there are always things to be thankful for, and this is such a positive way to end a year and to begin the next.

Then review the past year by considering what are the things that have brought you ‘life.’ Which friendships or other connections have brought joy? Are there any people you would like to spend more time with this coming year, if possible?

What activities – work, recreation, hobbies etc – have been meaningful, energising or fulfilling for you? Which have also been beneficial to others? (It is important to enjoy things for yourself as well as to serve others 🙂 .) Which of these would you like to continue with next year? Are there other dreams or aspirations you have which you would like to pursue? List them.

Then, are there any relationships which have been, and continue to be, negative, create tension or leave you feeling drained and exhausted? Are there some people you need to spend less time with, if possible, or even stop seeing? Are there some with whom you need to set some boundaries? (This is challenging, I know, and will require wisdom and love as well as courage. It always need to be done with empathy, affirming the other person’s value, and without any bitterness.)

Are there activities which you have disliked or which you have found draining? Which, if any, of these are still necessary or helpful to continue with and which could you stop next year? (Even some things which have been good or helpful in the past may no longer be.)

When you have reviewed your year, why not start setting some goals for 2020? I will write another post about goal setting.

(Image by Annie Spratt, Unsplash)