The Power of Visualisation

 There is something in quantum physics called ‘Collapsing the Quiff.’ This shows that all things are possible in the sub-atomic realm and that as we ‘see’ the possibility or potential of something, it draws it out of the intangible so that it materialises in the physical realm. (I like to think of this as a bit like an artist painting a picture, putting on to canvas the possibility that was ‘seen’ in his/her mind.)
This shows the power of visualisation and the pictures we each hold in our mind. What you focus on you empower. Negative pictures, if left unchecked, can become a negative reality. Positive pictures, however, can become a positive reality in your life. So, the way you see yourself will determine who you become.
In a practical way, you cannot experience lasting change of something in yourself you don’t like by simply trying to stop being that way. In fact, you are more likely to reinforce this aspect because this is what you are focussing on! (Has anyone tried to diet by NOT eating certain foods and become miserable because you are often thinking about those foods and therefore drawn to eat them?) Success in overcoming something comes more easily by focussing on the positive outcome of who you are becoming as you change.  A different but perhaps helpful analogy is that you don’t make a dark room light by trying to get rid of the darkness, but by turning the light on!
Importantly, pictures are also a language of the heart, as opposed to reason and logic which are a language of the mind. This is one of the reasons I encourage visualisation in my coaching, replacing negative pictures, from negative memories, with new positive pictures. Engaging with God in this process can bring powerful and sometimes surprising ‘exchanges’ as God reveals a different ‘truth’ to replace many of the false pictures you have held about yourself, others and the world. This brings heart level healing which is where true transformation happens, changing negative expectations in to positive ones and having the potential to transform who you are as a person.

(Featured image by Matthieu Comoy, Unsplash)