Jenny is an excellent life coach. I have had some wonderful sessions with her, getting insights in to areas that have been holding me back and giving me keys for moving forwards.   Julie Groves

“Jenny’s powerful questions brought me to tears (the good kind!) as she condensed my life’s motivations into 2 simple statements. This was a brand new revelation and helped me understand myself better.” Ben Morris

“Jenny is brilliant!”  Tony Hodges

“This has been comforting, glorious, life-saving and joy-giving.”  Sally Stephenson

“Jenny is fabulous” Ellamai

“Jenny is an excellent communicator”  Keren Tolhurst

“Jenny was a brilliant tutor/facilitator”  Fiona Gilpin

“I found the whole course exceptional and Jenny’s leading sensitive and caring.” Nicky King

“I really liked Jenny’s style, warmth, sensitivity” Merle Peacock

“I really appreciated Jenny sharing her experience and her own examples” Janet Abbott 

“Jenny took (me) through some teaching but also a number of different exercises which were amazingly powerful and reached deep into many hidden areas in the simplest but most profound way.”    N.K.

“Jenny’s gentle but firm encouragement has helped me to reassess my life, to look again at the dreams which are as yet unfulfilled.
She is a very insightful person, with a great deal of experience in helping people find their true destiny.” Angela Hough

“Thanks for your unwavering support” J.L.